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A Less Disastrous Dutch Experiment

There was a lot more success in the kitchen this week, though I set a low bar after the last post…. We have two cookie recipes for you and both were kid (and adult) approved. As in, kids were shoving cookies in their mouths while their parents tried to get them out of our house. […]

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An Amsterdam Marathon

The IX Olympiad in Amsterdam // AMSTERDAM 1928 The IX Olympiad in Amsterdam 1928251 MINUTES, BLACK & WHITE, SILENTDirector unknown This week we’re discussing The IX Olympiad in Amsterdam, the film of the 1928 Amsterdam Olympic Games. This is actually one of two official films produced. Without getting too deep into the details, this film […]

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Dutch Disaster?

This week’s experiments in the kitchen were … interesting. One was an absolute success, and the other made us drunk. (So maybe that was a success too?) Local fare There weren’t any Dutch cookbooks on the shelf at our local library, so I turned to the Internet for this week’s recipe. Advocaat captured my attention […]

Film, Winter

The Angels Sing for Sailer

WHITE VERTIGO // CORTINA D’AMPEZZO 1956 White Vertigo 195696 minutes, colorDirected byGiorgio Ferroni The VII Olympic Winter Games at Cortina d’Ampezzo occupy a fascinating moment in the 20th Century. Postwar optimism and prosperity offered an opportunity for a lavish event, but without the bulging scale that would come later. There were a slew of firsts […]

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Eating Italian!

Absolute success this week! Both the local and Liz-friendly recipes were yummy. Make sure you’re really hungry if you make the local recipe! Local Fare I thought it would be super easy to choose a recipe for Italy…and then we went to the library and I walked past Food of the Italian South by Katie […]

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California Glory

16 Days of Glory // LOS ANGELES 1984 16 Days of Glory 1986284 minutes, colorDirected byBud Greenspan 16 Days of Glory, the story of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, is a logical place to kick off this collaboration, full of familiar faces and stories. It is also the first in a string of 11 […]