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Learning by doing (wrong)

We’re back in France (and back on schedule)! After all the holiday travel and baked goods, it was hard to even think about jumping back into the kitchen to cook anything except veggies. And honestly France has been the hardest country to find recipes for, since many require gluten or dairy or nuts, so this […]

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Win Some, Lose Some

This week we’re traveling to France on the blog! Honestly this was a hard week to find a local recipe, because the things I would love to try to make (like pain au chocolat) are just not Liz-friendly and the things I can eat (like a chocolate soufflé) seemed a bit intimidating. But eventually I […]

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Finally, Risotto!

Once again we’re visiting Italy for the blog, so I had to make one of my favorites: risotto. I make this so often I have my own recipe, so I’ll be posting a full recipe for the first time! It was also time to use up some tahini I had in the fridge, so I […]

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A Matter of Perspectives

In 1994 the Olympic Movement made a major change and shifted schedules, alternating between the Summer and Winter Games every two years. The small Norwegian village of Lillehammer was the host for this first staggered edition of the Winter Games, coming 24 months after Albertville, France had its own moment in the snow. Lillehammer ’94: […]

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A Winter Warmup

We had to have two fantastic recipes, since the Lillehammer Games were so much fun to watch. And we succeeded! A warming red wine glogg and a yummy coffee cake that’s perfect for Christmas morning are on the way! Local Fare This was supposed to be a very easy recipe experiment, as I’d found a […]

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The Dutch Narrative

As discussed last time, there are two official films associated with the 1928 Amsterdam Games. Aside from documenting sporting achievements, together this pair of silent films seems to represent an important split between recording and storytelling in sports documentaries. Until now the genre seemed mostly concerned with archive creation. The Olympic Games, Amsterdam 1928 1928192 […]