About this project

Sprockets of Fire is a joint effort between Don & Liz Whelan. Our hope is that this blog will help us share our love the Olympic Games and cooking with others who have similar interests.

The Authors

Don Whelan

I am a self-employed graphic designer at Winter\Victor Studio. I have been fascinated by the Olympic Games since I was 6, and attended both Atlanta 1996 and Salt Lake 2002.

My hope in undertaking this project is to indulge my passion and further my understanding of the history—and therefore the future—of the Olympics. I am excited to share this adventure with others who care about the Games, especially in the years between events.

I also hope to learn a thing or two about food from Liz, because I’m pretty useless when it comes to cuisine except for the eating part.

Liz Whelan

I am a security strategist, as well as an avid kitchen experimenter, reader, and fitness lover.

Why cooking on an Olympics blog? I love experimenting with new recipes and flavors. Unfortunately, my food allergy and intolerance list has grown quite long in the past few years. Now I spend most of my kitchen time prepping food for the week, instead of trying new things. This blog is a way to force myself to do more of something I love.

I have always loved the Olympics as well, and am excited to share this adventure with Don.


Unless otherwise noted, all film screenshots are from Criterion’s 100 Years of Olympic Films Blu-ray box set.

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