Hello Sweden!

Today I’m going to open the blog not with our baking escapades, but with a note about what’s going on in the world right now. There’s a virus leveling countries and economies. Things are pretty rough. We will make every effort to keep our posting schedule (as we had the year planned out to time perfectly with the original schedule for the Tokyo 2020 Games), but we may miss a post. At some point, the Liz-friendly posts might not be so Liz-friendly if we run out of safe ingredients. We’ll see how the local fare recipes hold up, though I have a well stocked pantry right now. I hope everyone is staying safe.

For this post, we are in Sweden! This is another country I was excited to visit, as I’d done research for recipes over the summer and had seen some yummy options. I chose a gooey chocolate cake called kladdkaka, which was amazing. The kiddo requested strawberry muffins for her snack time, so we made some strawberry smash muffins that were heavenly. On to the fun stuff!

Local Fare

People, you need to try this cake. Honestly it was just so insanely good, like a warm gooey brownie in cake form. Imagine me as the heart-eyes emoji and you’ll know how good it was. I used the kladdkaka recipe here.

DW: Brownie cake is victory cake! This is a podium-topper.

LW: It was a pretty simple recipe, so here are the substitutions I made:


  • Earth Balance vegan butter for butter, one for one replacement

  • King Arthur Gluten-free Flour, one for one replacement

And that’s it! Super simple, right? If you have ingredients on hand, I’d definitely recommend trying it out. The one change the entire family would recommend is not using the breadcrumbs to prevent the kladdkaka from sticking to the pan. It changed the texture of the cake and was a bit odd. Instead, I’d suggest lining the tin with baking parchment. If you do make this cake, definitely let us know!

Liz-friendly fare

Next up are strawberry smash muffins and they were also a huge hit.

This recipe was from a dairy-free website, so maybe it didn’t fully meet the requirements I set out at the start of this blog journey? I don’t know, and I’m not going back to check. 😂 In any event, the only substitution I had to make was…


  • Flour mix replacement:
    1 cup King Arthur Gluten-free Flour, ¼ cup oat flour, ¼ cup millet flour
    (you could use straight King Arthur flour, I just wanted to mix it up)

DW: These were great. Not overly sweet, with just enough strawberry.

LW: The recipe calls for a lot of honey, but I only used half the amount listed and the muffins were amazing and plenty sweet. It was also fun to smash up the strawberries. I used frozen (which are the only kind I can eat due to allergies) and they were really easy to smash. Another recipe we’ll keep on hand, since they were such a hit! 

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