A Less Disastrous Dutch Experiment

There was a lot more success in the kitchen this week, though I set a low bar after the last post…. We have two cookie recipes for you and both were kid (and adult) approved. As in, kids were shoving cookies in their mouths while their parents tried to get them out of our house. So that’s a win!

DW: Wins are good! So are cookies. Let’s see how it went, shall we?

Local Fare

LW: This time around I decided to go with a Dutch cookie recipe, because who can mess up cookies? I wanted to make Stroopwafels, because they were my favorite treat when I lived in Brussels, but that seemed incredibly ambitious. Given the Advocaat experience, an ambitious bake seemed unwise. (Also I would have needed a waffle iron, which, let’s be honest, I would never have used again.)

So I chose Pindakoeken. The recipe is from Spruce Eats and it was incredibly simple — only six ingredients! The hardest part was placing the peanuts delicately on top! What could go wrong?

Apparently I could totally over-bake them. They were a little drier than I would’ve liked, but still tasted sooo good! The kiddo and her friend gobbled up the peanut-free versions (not pictured, mainly because there weren’t enough left by the time we shot them). If you make these, I’d recommend checking them at 17 minutes, instead of the 20 minutes suggested in the recipe.

DW: I second that. The flavor was great, but there was definitely a sort of dryness to them. I did really like the way they had a sort of glaze on the surface.

LIZ's changes

  • King Arthur’s Gluten Free Flour, one for one replacement, since it worked so well in the chocolate banana bread

  • Earth Balance Buttery Sticks, one for one replacement

Liz-friendly Fare

LW: Next up is a sugar cookie recipe, as our kiddo requested them. This time I did hunt out a gluten free recipe specifically, because sugar cookies seemed like something I shouldn’t wing it with…? It was harder than I thought to find a recipe, as many had nut flours or nut extracts for flavor.

But I did find one! The only note I’d offer is that the dough was a bit sticky. We refrigerated it for about 30 minutes prior to baking, and perhaps longer would have reduced the stickiness? In any event, we just skipped rolling out the dough and instead hand-shaped them into balls.


Gluten-free Sugar Cookies

Liz's changes

  • King Arthur Gluten Free Flour again, one for one replacement

  • Earth Balance Buttery Sticks, one for one replacement

The result: absolute heaven in a cookie. A few cookies actually made it to work this time, and I did fool people—it was impossible to tell these were gluten and dairy free! We iced a few of them as well, and someone hid some sprinkles under the icing. I didn’t try that particular blend of flavors, but I was told they were excellent by a very discerning tiny human!


  1. So, I am making tithe Pindakoeken from the Spruce Eats website. The recipe makes no sense. I mixed the ingredients in a stand mixer as instructed. It’s rather unusual to mix cold butter (and 1/2 cup is not 120 grams!) but I did it. There is no mention of adding in the flour. I kneaded the flour in by hand. I am about to take dough out of fridge to form the balls. I would love to see a reformed recipe if you have done that. Thank you!

    • Thanks for the comment, and you’re right – there is no mention of when to add in the flour. I never noticed that! I definitely would have made this with room temperature vegan butter, as to your point it wouldn’t have worked otherwise. I’ll try this recipe again in the next couple of weeks and record the steps for you.

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